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The group shall be known as THE PICKWICK CLUB           


The enjoyment of a recreational naturist spa experience in a social club setting at the Springfield Centre, Corsham or at any other suitable premises or location as opportunities arise.

The promotion of naturism in accordance with the B.N. Code of Practice.


Membership shall be open to all supporters of the naturist movement as decided by the Committee

Members will always be encouraged to join B.N.

Membership will be offered to members children on reaching their 18th birthday and an entrance fee charged, unless they are still in full time education.

All applications for membership shall be passed to the Membership Secretary who will confirm suitability with B.N. and other relevant Organisations and then present such applications at the following Committee Meeting for approval or otherwise by the Committee.

The Committee shall reserve the right to refuse, suspend or terminate membership with no obligation to disclose their reasons.

Honorary membership may be bestowed at the discretion of the Committee.


Visitors shall be welcome to attend Club Sessions, but in accordance with the club Child Protection policy, must register for temporary membership and show suitable Photo ID.


Minors shall be allowed to attend Club activities only when accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. Minors accompanied by persons other than their parents or legal guardians shall only be admitted on production of a written and signed Authority from such parents or legal guardians. Under no circumstances shall unaccompanied children be admitted to Club premises or locations.

Nudity of minors shall be optional. They are free to choose of their own free will and without coercion of any kind.

The Pickwick Club has a Child Safeguard Policy.


The duly elected Officers and Committee shall be responsible for all administration.

The Committee shall consist of a maximum of 15 Members 5 of whom shall be Officers, namely, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary.

The Chairperson at any meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote only.

A quorum shall consist of at least two Officers and five members.

All members of the Club shall be eligible to serve on the Committee. The posts of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary may be occupied by members subject to the unanimous approval of the Committee.

The financial year shall end on 30th September

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at the discretion of the Committee or at the written request of a minimum of 25 per cent of the membership


The Annual General Meeting shall be held within four weeks of the 1st January each year.

Officers and other members of the Committee shall each be elected for a period of two years. At the end of the two years they will each be eligible for reelection for a further period of two years.

Nominations for any vacancies, duly proposed with the consent of the nominee, must be handed to the Secretary a clear 4 weeks before the Annual General Meeting. Any vacancy arising during the year may be filled by the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.


The Club Accounts and Balance Sheet shall be examined by an independent examiner and presented at the Annual General Meeting.
The Club shall seek and maintain membership of the B.N.
The Membership year shall be 1st January to 31st December inclusive


A registration fee shall be charged on initial membership or on rejoining after membership has lapsed.
An annual subscription shall be levied and an entrance fee charged for admission to the Springfield Centre and elsewhere as approved and agreed from time to time by the Committee.

Annual Subscription must be paid by 28th February. Failure to do so will result in a further joining fee being charged. Subscription and fees shall be decided by the committee based on:-

A)      the charge made by the Pool Authorities.
B)      the cost of providing facilities and other activities at the Springfield Centre and elsewhere as approved and agreed from   time to time by the Committee.
C)      the administration costs of the Club.
D)      charges levied by the B.N.


Members details as provided on the Membership Application Form may be held on computer for the purpose of Club administration and shall not be available to any individual or body other than the B.N. and the Officers and Committee of the Pickwick Club or Police as required.
Members are entitled to see any data that is held about them, providing this data does not lead to the disclosure of data relating to other parties.


The addition to, alteration or repeal of any item in this constitution shall be made at a Annual General Meeting only, providing that the proposed alteration is specified in the agenda for the General Meeting.


Should dissolution of the Club become necessary, any assets remaining after the clearance of all outstanding debts shall be transferred to a body or bodies dedicated to the promotion of naturism to be decided at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Revised AGM Jan 2012


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