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A club site for sunbathing, BBQs and general recreation 

...or just lazing around


Alan's beautifully restored seat





IMPORTANT : Other creatures use our field too. 

Please note that wearing shoes when walking in the long grass at field is essential. 

We leave habitat (long grass) undisturbed.  Clearing a path through it to the toilet being the only exception which  must be done with care. 

Remember, Adders have been seen and are a legally protected species.


Summer Passing

In this peaceful haven the sound of a buzzard breaks the silence
as it hovers, in the cloudless sky, 

on a hazy summer day, with the harvest drone in the distance, the butterflies flutter in the breeze, the spiders spin their webs which catch the sunlight rays,

as the first signs of autumn approaches, with the squirrels feasting on the acorns in the trees,

with the fruits of autumn now in abundance, the fungi stirs in the darkness of the wood,
we treasure these late summer days,
that will be a distant memory in the starkness and grey of winter,
until the first snowdrops appear,
telling us spring is in the way,
as the earth slowly awakes from its winter slumber,
in time to nature's tune.

By Andrew Williams        


                                                                   More of Andrew this way

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