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Bye - Please call again


..And now a bit about us Naturists

Naturists come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. When we take off our clothes we also cast off other people's social attitudes and this can be very rewarding.

We also develop a unique acceptance of Creation and realise that we are not all the same as we grow older and that some of us suffer from disease and deformity whether by birth or accident. Naturists don’t worry about any of this, they’re too busy enjoying life.

A lot of us join clubs to enjoy the sociability of like- minded people and to obtain the protection and approval of the authorities. Clubs vary from simple and rustic to very luxurious but you’ll find them, all full of friendly, warm-hearted people only to willing to make you feel welcome.

Don’t worry about children. They like us were born nude with their friends. It isn’t until they have grown older that they will have learnt acceptance of the human body without the hang-ups developed by non-naturist children.

Now comes the first time and like everyone else you’ll probably be nervous. You’ll have lost the children as soon as you arrive once they see other youngsters playing so that’s one worry less. Someone will give you a guided tour of the club and introduce you to some friendly faces. The jitters will be quietening down now. Something like a bath towel could be handy as you can wrap yourself up until you feel comfortable enough to just let it drop, not such a conscious act actually as taking off a piece of clothing.

“Gosh, that feels better and they’re all so normal!”

Now for the questions we are always asked.

It isn’t likely to happen, Guys! In the social situation of the club it would be extremely rare to suffer an embarrassing reaction to the presence of the fair sex. Don’t even think about it – the possibility won’t arise.

Ladies – having ‘off days’ is only part of being normal and healthy but if you feel happier and more comfortable wear your bikini bottom.

Being nude is not compulsory; we’re not out to catch pneumonia so dress if it’s cold. Neither do we want sunburn so cover up with a tee-shirt or blouse.

If you meet anyone you know, it only proves that you were more like-minded than you had thought previously. Other friends and acquaintances needn’t know you’re naturist unless you tell them as clubs and their members keep membership lists confidential.

If by now you begin to feel at home, how about a dip in the pool or a session in the jacuzzi or steam room. It is possible to get a healthy glow from a nice suntan, and keeping fit with some of the sporting facilities available. Or perhaps, like me, you prefer just the tan and a more leisurely lifestyle.

When it’s time for your holidays, membership of CCBN entitles you to an International Membership card and this will introduce you to naturist facilities almost anywhere in the world.

So why not dare to go bare!

(With grateful acknowledgment to the American Sunbathing Association for permission to use material from their information booklet of the same name.)


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